Podcasts 2020

October 14, 2020 - Chats with Mayor Matt and Riverside Recovery Services Discuss "Seasons of Change Fall Fling".

September 17, 2020 - Mayor Matt talks with Mount Vernon School Superintendent Bill Seder about the 2020 Census

September 16, 2020 - Mayor Matt talks about the 2020 Census with Public Health Administrator Carmen Barbuto and what the census data means to all things health-related in Knox County

April 22, 2020 - Radar Signs and How They Are Helping Our Traffic Safety
Chats with Mayor Matt and Sergeant Troy Glazier with the MVPD

April 16, 2020 - COVID-19 and the Homeless in the City of Mount Vernon
Chats with Mayor Matt and Special Guest Joe Springer

April 10, 2020 - Ariel-Foundation Park
Chats with Mayor Matt and Special Guests Kim Rose and Michael Percy

March 12, 2020 - COVID-19
Chats with Mayor Matt



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